Healthy Organic Vietnamese Restaurant in NYC - VietCafe
(212) 431-5888
10/2/2016 - SATURDAY HOURS OPEN 11.30AM to 11PM
6/1/2015 - HOME GROWN ORGANIC Vegetables are on the menu at VCAFE
6/1/2015 - 2015 Summer Specials
3/28/2013 - VCafe own mini farm

V-Cafe - Vietnamese Restaurant in NYC

V-Cafe serves traditional Vietnamese food in the heart of TriBeCa, NYC. The cuisine has been, for thousands of years, oriented for balance and nutrition.
It uses an abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables for texture and color, marinated meats in spices rather than relying on excess oil for cooking or for enhancement of flavor. We feature authentic dishes from the North, South and Central Viet Nam. The foods of Viet Nam are prepared with both French and Chinese influences that date back some 2,000 years and one can see this reflected in the dishes served at V Cafe (VietCafe).
To start, try our Pho Ga Herbed Chicken Soup, Pho Bo Herbed Beef Soup or Ginger-Lime Lemonade and vegetarian entrees.