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The Chef of VCafe (VietCafe) - Vietnamese Restaurant in NYC

Born in Hanoi, the cultural center of Viet Nam, but raised in Saigon, the Pearl of the Far East, Lan Tran Cao is the chef of VietCafe (VCafe). Her career began with the responsibilities of cooking for a family of 13. This fostered a love of cooking so pronounced that by the age of 12, Lan sought apprenticeships with the famed chefs of Cafe Bodard, and worked as a tutor to further support culinary lessons throughout her years at primary and secondary schools.

Lan's university years were spent in Sydney, Australia, where she earned a Master's degree in commerce. During her studies, she opened two hugely successful Vietnamese restaurants while still an undergraduate.

As prodigious as her early successes are, so are her ambitions and these achievements stand alongside life and career shifts that led chef Lan to Wall Street, where she held distinguished posts in technology and finance for many years to become Chief Technology Officer for Deutsche Bank.

During her years in Sydney and New York, Lan retained ties to the art circuit of Viet Nam, and in 2000 opened the East Coast's first gallery specializing in Vietnamese art and antiques.

Lan began to showcase her skills at Gallery Viet Nam, teaching Vietnamese cooking on weekends to New Yorkers eager to learn about the healthful benefits of this exotic fare.

Classes filled quickly, and the demand led to the inspiration to open a restaurant adjacent to the gallery. Now open, VietCafe (VCafe) still features cooking classes. The classes alternate between demonstrations and hands-on cooking. Some classes commence with buying trips to the local markets of Chinatown, and follow with lectures on the history and culture of Vietnamese cooking. The day concludes with wine and a wonderful feast.
Class sizes are limited and reservations are required in advance. For more information or to reserve space, please call the restaurant at 212-431-5888.